An Update on Life


Hey Beautiful People, 

While getting my day in order, I just realized it had been a minute since I caught up with my Ratchet Professionals 

Long story short, since passing the bar and being sworn in as an NYS Attorney, I've been on this never-ending road of grinding. 

  • I volunteer monthly with NYS Family Court
  • I began freelancing as a legal content writer 
  • I celebrated another year around the sun
  • I got promoted to Vice President of Compliance and Legal Affairs
  • I have been booked and busy as a Panelist, Speaker, and subject matter expert (SME) on Compliance, DEI and Social Services


I got engaged!!!!!!!!!

I manifested this time in my life - from family to love to career. I wished for this. 

Baby, it's working me. But in a good way. I'm tired yet fulfilled. Sore, but grateful.

With that quick update, I wanted to thank ya'll for your support. For the emails, the comments, the Express purchases (I see you stylish mo'fos). 

I promise to share more of the "organized chaos" that I call my life, sharing what life looks like in this new chapter. 

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