Spring Refresh – 5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Perspective

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As we transition from the shorter days and colder nights of the wintry beginning of the year to the warmer longer days of the Spring, it’s the perfect time to relax, renew, and refresh. Around this time, some of us feel the urge to start “Spring Cleaning” and are eager to acknowledge the change in season. Making changes, whether small or large can help refresh our minds and environments, giving us a fresh perspective that will help us better interact with the world. 

Add Some Greenery. 

Houseplants have many benefits. Not only do they add color and signs of life to your environment but they are a great source of cleansing energy and encourage embracing change. You don’t have to limit yourself to common flowers and plants. An indoor or windowsill herb or vegetable garden has the bonus of providing fresh ingredients to use in your meals. There is nothing better than fresh Basil picked right from your kitchen window. 

If you’re hesitant to add live plants due to your schedule or a lack of a green thumb, there is now a wide range of faux flowers and plants that resemble real plants. Some popular low-maintenance indoor plants include Spider Plants, String of Pearls, Succulents, Basil, Mint, and African Violets.

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Change Your Home Décor. 

One of the most common ways to refresh your space is to change your home décor, including your upholstery, pillows, bedding, and curtains. A new rug in a vibrant pastel color or trendy chevron design creates a new focal point. Mixing up your bedding can change the overall feel of your space. I recently discovered Threshold’s textured Faux Fur Comforter & Sham Set. The set is surprisingly lightweight and luxurious. Plus, the neutral tone brightens up my room. 

Update your throw pillows or add a set of unique curtains to your windows. Put up that artwork you discovered on that trip to the Caribbean. Let your imagination run wild and create a space that inspires and calms you. 

Declutter & Organize or Reorganize. 

Messy and disorganized spaces can contribute to chaotic thoughts. Luckily, clearing out old, unused, and unwanted items from your home is an easy way to feel renewed. And, everything doesn’t need to go in the trash. You can recycle, upcycle, or donate slightly worn or used items giving them another life. Local shelters and community centers would be happy to take your gently-used donations from furniture to clothing and children’s to. 

Once you’ve decluttered, organizing or re-organizing your space can be refreshing and give you a new perspective. Focus on areas where you spend a lot of your time or those areas that tend to get messy. Organizing items into boxes, storage containers, bookcases, and shelves can create a more productive environment.

Cleanse Your Home. 

Cleansing your home means more than a surface clean, it means clearing the energy and flow of air in your home. It’s an opportunity to release negative energy, encourage positive energy and fresh air, and set new intentions.   Some people “smudge” or burn particular herbs like sage through their homes. Others use essential oils, candles, and incense. 

Regardless of your method, be sure to keep the air flowing by opening windows. Candles are a favorite triple threat, they add aromatics, artistic flair, and set the mood.

Change Your Locale.

Changing your perspective isn’t limited to redecorating your personal space. Sometimes changing your environment, even temporarily, can give you a new outlook. Maybe you’re feeling tense from a week of family car-pools and meal prepping. A weekend getaway or short mid-week vacation can give you the change of space you need for reflection and appreciation. Perhaps the city life no longer inspires you and you dream of waking up along a sand-covered shoreline each morning. Relocating to a new city or state can be the catalyst for a change in your career or lifestyle goals.  

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