Embracing Spring – 6 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

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With warmer weather and longer days approaching, many of us are excited to spend more time outdoors. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor space and embrace outdoor living right at home. Transforming your porch, patio, lawn, or back yard doesn’t need to cost a lot in time and resources. Regardless of your budget, these 6 tips will help you update your outdoor space into a welcoming, relaxing, and entertaining space for you and your loved ones.

Update or Replace Your Furniture and Accessories.

The elements and seasons can be harsh on outdoor furniture, even if they are waterproof or rust-resistant. Rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can weaken items and cause them to be unsafe. Give your furniture a look over to ensure they are still in working order and replace any items that have become old, worn, or unsafe.

Certain materials can stand up to the elements and are better suited as outdoor furniture. Items made out of aluminum, teak, resin, and metal are good ideas for long-term patio furniture. The Costway 8 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Set available at Walmart has every piece you need for your patio revamp. Adding protective coverings when furniture is not in use or during inclement weather will also help you maintain your furniture longer.


Enhance or Add Some Privacy.

Privacy is important, we all want to be comfortable to enjoy our spaces without interruption, and creating a private space ensures that. If our neighbors are closer to you than you’d like, consider installing fencing, walls, or scrubs around the perimeter of your space. Privacy screens, outdoor drapery panels, and partitioning sheets can provide privacy around your seating areas and enclosed spaces.   

Remember to look for materials that can withstand the elements and have added benefits such as repelling insects or proving ultraviolet (UV) protection from the sun’s rays.


Add an Outdoor Kitchen or Grill.

Nothing says outdoor living like the smell of something cooking on a grill. Having an outdoor kitchen or grill allows you to spend more time outdoors and reduce the frequent back and forth into the house. You can also use the additional kitchen space to enhance your entertaining and add to the overall usefulness of your home (plus, it doesn’t hurt your home’s value). And thanks to its warmth your outdoor kitchen or grill will extend your time outdoors, even as the weather cools.
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Lighten up Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting is invaluable regardless of the time of year. In the summer they add to the mood, in the winter they illuminate the early nights, and they provide safety by illuminating walkways and areas. Lighting makes it easy to spend time outdoors, late into the night. 

There are a variety of outdoor lighting options to choose from depending on your needs. Tiki torches, lanterns, and string lights are great for seating areas. Solar-powered spotlights and path markers work at the perimeter and along walkways.


Add a Shaded or Covered Seating Area.

A seating area that’s protected from the sun and rain creates a comfortable and inviting space to spend your days outdoors. Even if your outdoor space is small you can add a seating area with a beanbag chair or a set of folding chairs and seat cushions. Accessories like pillows, throws, and blankets can enhance the warmth of your seating area and expand your overall living space.

Repair or Renovate Your Patio, Porch, or Deck.

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Your porch or patio is constantly exposed to and damaged by the elements. Regular use, wear, and tear can also take a toll on your outdoor space. You can have your patio repaved with natural stone or brick, update the wood paneling on your porch, or have your deck pressure washed and stained. You can also create more living space by adding an enclosure to your porch, deck, or patio.  

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