5 Ways to Prioritize Happiness in Your Life.


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In my opinion, happiness is the most important thing in life. Without happiness, you have nothing. Everything is harder and the world seems to be such a dark and negative place. With happiness, you have everything. Each day is a blessing, you view every situation (even hard situations) as an opportunity for success and happiness, and you have more fun each and every day. Life truly is better with happiness in it, but it is so easy to have a bad day and get consumed by negativity and lose that happiness, especially when so many people focus on negativity. That’s why today, I want to talk about prioritizing your happiness. Here are a few easy ways to make sure that happiness is a huge part of every single day:

Take it slow each morning

Everyone is different, but for me, slow mornings are a great way to start the day out on the right side of the bed. Setting my alarm clock for just 20 minutes earlier than I normally would allow me to do a few things that I either want to do for myself or that I need to do. When I do things that I want, it’s a great way to relax before starting my day. For example, sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee and actually enjoying a few minutes of the day before rushing around helps me set my intentions and goals for the day. Alternatively, if I have 2 things that I really need to do before starting my work (or whatever else I have to do), this helps me get them done so that I am not thinking about them all day long and can have a productive day without a lot on my mind.

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Tidy up

Every single day, I take about 15 minutes, or maybe a little bit more to tidy up and get a few house chores done. If I don’t do this, all of the dirt, trash, and dirty dishes, etc. pile up and it takes me so long to clean the house (and I try to put it off when this happens only causing more damage, ha!). If I take about 15 or so minutes each day to unload the dishwasher, reload it, or flip over a load of laundry, it is much easier to manage than having to do everything at once. Bonus points if you do this in your slow morning routine, so that it’s behind you when you get started for the day and have a really happy day.

Focus on things you love

Obviously, doing the things you love helps you create happiness in your life. This seems really self-explanatory, but I want to mention it because so many people wake up early, go to work, get home tasks done, cook dinner, pack lunch for the kids, shower, go to sleep, and repeat. Please listen to me - I know that the ‘essentials’ have to get done, but please have some fun and do the things you love along the way. Your happiness truly does depend on it! 

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Surround yourself with happiness

Last but not least, surround yourself with happiness. Once again, this might sound very self explanatory, but it is very hard to be happy when you surround yourself with negativity. Like I mentioned above, way too many people now view the glass half empty and it’s easy to get sucked into this mindset when you are around that type of thought process, so choose friends that embody and spread happiness each and everyday and help spread that positivity into other people, as well.

Get out of places and situations that you don’t love

If a place or a situation is not serving you well, get out of it. Sometimes, taking a leap of faith can help increase your overall happiness levels a lot. If you are depressed, sad, or angry, there is a way to fix it. Get help, get out of a situation, or create a new life for yourself. For example, if the country life is wearing you thin, find a way to move to the city. Bluebell Relocation Services can help with this - they are movers NJ to NYC, so if you need a change of pace, they are the way you can do a big move like this, without the stress. This is just one small example, of a way that you could increase your happiness. Apply this to every stage of your life and you will be so much happier!

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