Self-Care Options - Journaling #PromptlyInsiders

Ya'll know I am a BIG advocate for self-care and self-preservation. You can only do well when you're feeling well! 

Self-care describes everything you do deliberately for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Since graduating Law School in June, I've been running a long marathon - studying for three exams (the UBE, NYLE, and CDE - check the comments below for the definitions); working full- time; and still managing a family. Without taking the time to refresh and reflect, I'd go crazy. 

One of the ways I manage my hectic life is journaling. Taking time out of my week (at minimum) to jot down my goals, ideas, things I'm grateful for, etc., helps me feel a little more in control.

Gratitude Journal from Promptly Journals


I've been chosen as a Promptly Journals Insider, where I get to spread how you can use journaling for self-care and personal development while offering you a 15% discount on your purchases (through my link)!

To grow is to learn, and learning involves self-reflection. Promptly has journals and accessories to help you focus on your goals and moments. Whether you're engaged, expecting your first child, or starting a new career they have a journal to mindfully help you thru your journey. 

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