So your girl is..virtually graduating today!! I add #JD to the alphabet soup after my name - MPA, MSW, CDP S/o my family (ya'll rode this ride right along with me - this is ya'll degree too), my tribe (ya'll keep me grounded and entertained & it's all love) and my 2 musketeers (ya'll got me thru law school and still love me!) Oh and ya'll not ready for this Black Lady Lawyer! #cunylaw #classof2021 #ratchetprofessionalgraduates #blacklawstudents #youseethosecredentials #mentorsmatter

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  1. Congratulations, Sweetheart!!!.. See, I told ya, NEVER any doubt!!!.. Onward and upward, Sweetie!!.. Ya pop's is extremely proud of ya!!!.. Do dat stuff!!..