Getting my nails DID w/imPRESS® Press-On Manicure (Sponsored)

With COVID-19 and this New Normal we've been living, I haven't been able to get my nails done as I regularly do. I mean I am a scheduled 2x a month, 2.5 hr appointment nail girl. AND let me tell you how much I miss getting my nails done. Not just coming up with a colorful yet professional style but the whole process of getting my hands pampered. 


Well, ya'll here step in imPRESS® Press-On Manicure to give you all the color and style without the cost and the time. They take the old school press-on that you grew up with and make them more durable and longer-lasting. 

Available on their website and at several retailers like CVS, Walmart, and Ulta, imPress sets are affordable and accessible. No added tools, no messy glue, and no lamps needed was all I needed to know. 

I got to try three products complementary. Below is my review and experience of imPress and the words below are my own. 

imPRESS® Press-On Manicure Couture Collection - Lush Life Medium Length

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This was the first set I tried. Being a sit and get them done kinda girl I was a little hesitant about my ability to put these bad boys on. Yet imPress sets are so easy, come with simple instructions and everything you need included in the package. BONUS - you get 30 nails of varying sizes - easy replacements! Once you stuck - they are stuck. Just don't get wet within 8 hrs of putting them on to ensure hold.

Lush Life is a nice subtle nude that dazzles with added sparkle detail. I love the medium length because it worked for my longer nail length and is typically the length I go for. The color works great for my everyday activities and doesn't clash with my workwear.

Not bad for the first time!!!. Took me less than an hour to put them on and the instructions very useful. I suggest following their direction and choosing the smaller size if your nails are between sizes. I had a lot of overhang by choosing the larger nail because they do spread to fit your nails. 

This set last 12 days before it began to pull up and snag on my hair. Removal took about 45 mins and required the use of the cuticle pusher to push the gel off the nail. I followed up with an acetone nail polish remover to get the residue off.

A few days later, I put on the next set......

Rebecca Minkoff X imPRESS® Press-On Manicure - Ibiza Nights

(image source:

Ibiza Nights is a shorter, funkier nail set. It has a black & white color scheme with reflective strips on some nails. The shorter length is great for work but barely covered my longer length nails. Being the second time, this application took less time and was smoother. I supplemented the ring finger with the Lush Life nail because none of the nails fit my ring finger well enough. These lasted 14 days before fraying at the ends.

imPRESS® Press-On Manicure Limited Edition - Peacock (unavailable on the site)

By now, I've gotten used to applying them and was excited to try this dark green glittery set. The peacock design was a surprise and I love how hand-painted it looks. The length is perfect and the glitter nails don't flake/chip.  I am currently on Day 8 of wearing them and they have survived several 10+ pages typed documents.



Since using imPRESS® Press-On Manicure, I feel more put together and still get to express myself creatively through my nails. Its easy, takes less than an hr to apply, lasts 14 days (sometimes longer), and are super affordable and available almost everywhere.

I am excited to try other styles and lengths, especially those from their Couture Collection.

The words expressed above are my own.

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