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Let focus on flattening the curve, protecting and supporting Americans. How 'bout that!? #CoronaPork

I am absolutely speechless after tonight’s episode of #ForLife. @50Cent brought me to tears with this story. What are your thoughts on changes in the criminal justice system? #WatchingForLifeABC #Ad

#Ad Aaron Wallace is fighting against all odds on @ForLife_ABC What an episode of #ForLife with @50Cent stepping in. Do you think they will prevail? #WatchingForLifeABC

#AD Counting down the minutes until a new episode of @ForLife_ABC comes on! Ready to see @50cent center this impactful story. #WatchingForLifeABC #ForLife "It’s time to do what is right."

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This @radius_usa toothbrush has a head replacement to cut down on plastic usage, and the handle is made from upcycled materials!! Read my full review @socialnature to learn more #GotItFree

AND you can quote me. #cantstopwontstop (diddy voice) fuck around be the only one left cuz hennyThing is possible @hennessyus

This is what #year37 looks like. Issa real chicks #bornday. #expresspartner The glow up is real. The grind is evident. And the vibe unmatched. All 'fits including the coat from @express b/c it's like they were meant for this body!!!! Ya welcome! #ratc…

#BarStudyPodcast - Episode #2 - The Diaspora Wars

Picked this up today🤩 #complimentary of @influenster & @lorealparis Excited to try this over the next week #Revitalift #DermIntensives #

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Check out the brand new #BarstudyPodcast, where we discuss Love, Law, Libations - Episode #1 - The Dating Episode