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When I have a few minutes to myself, I like to check in on the various online communities I am a part of. One of them that I adore is L'Oreal's C Space Beauty Community. Its' a great place where beauty and skin-care lovers discuss, suggest, review, and participate in all things beauty. 

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One of the activities really resonated with me. The activity requested we write a letter to our future female relatives about beauty - what I've learned about beauty, what I consider beauty and how my cultural upbringing influenced ,my idea of beauty. As a mom and an aunt to some of the most awesome, intelligent little melanated women, I wanted to learn to love and appreciate the beauty in themselves, regardless of the opinions of those around them. To take pride in their blackness. To know that their Black is Beautiful!!!!

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I really wanted to share this with all of you. It's up to us to instill confidence, self love, and appreciation of individuality in our children.
To my Daughter, Nieces, and future Grand-daughters & Nieces:
If you remember one thing I tell you remember this: YOU ARE UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL. Your brown eyes, broad noses, full lips, dark gums, tightly curled hair, curvy shapes, and beautiful skin filled with melanin is a beauty unappreciated yet fully desired. Know that society and the beauty industry do NOT define you. They don’t necessarily understand the specific and unique needs of African American women, & honestly some don’t want to. But true beauty is deeper than trends and a small groups of people. 
I want you to find inspiration in those who not only look like you but also those who push the boundaries of what beauty is, those who appreciate the uniqueness in what makes us individuals. Appreciate the beauty in your surroundings. I want you to love and appreciate you, your journey, your differences, and your individuality. When exploring your beauty options, do what works for you. Let your soul, imagination, and preferences drive you. Trends are cool but they aren't for everyone. Experiment, experiment, experiment. Expensive is not always Best! Be open and vocal. If something works or doesn't let it be known. Trust me baby, there are others in your predicament. 
It took me well into my 20s to appreciate who I was and who I was becoming. It took for me to realize that I define what I find beautiful. Appreciating your beauty, your individuality brings about a freedom that builds unbelievable confidence. Loving who you are is beautiful! 
To know that my features are the features of generations of strong, determined, and resilient women, brings pride. A pride I want you to know and own. My nose is your nose, my eyes are your eyes. You are me and I am you. 
And Baby, You’re Beautiful! You are a Legacy Bound!
Gma & Titi

How do you define beauty? What would you tell the young women in your life about beauty?


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