Monday - I don't hate you as much as I used to.

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I HATED Mondays! Seriously, I am not the least bit of a morning person and Monday's seemed like one big ole morning (YES, the whole day). I was on Garfield's side for the longest (don't sleep on him, under all that petty is a pretty smart feline!!) It wasn't until recently when I started to embrace how truly special Mondays are. Mondays force you to change your perspective, to shift from weekend mode to weekday mode. They are a fresh start to the (work)week and an opportunity for greatness.

Considering that I have more on my plate than a buffet connoisseur, I definitely needed to shift my perspective from having a serious case of the Mondays (every Monday!) to looking forward to accomplishing some real sh!+ for the week. So how did I go from hating/despising/cursing to the high heavens Monday, and now singing its praises?

Well it took WEEKS of routine and change, motivation and determination, and a kick in the a$$ by my boss (because - I am THAT person, who is always 15 minutes LATE to everything!). Oh, and these tip:
  1. Use a Planner. As I said in the previous post, the use of a planner not only helps you plan out your time, but helps you see what you've been doing and motivates you to keep up the momentum. Use some of that free time over the weekend  (or those last 30 mins on Friday,  - lets be serious there is NO work being done the last 45 minutes of Friday!), to review for the week ahead and avoid the Monday rush of trying to plan your week while your week is subsequently happening. 
  2. Get in routine. I now spend my Sunday evenings primping and prepping for the next day and the week ahead. Face masks, ironing of outfits, touching up of nails and hair, etc. I also have a set bed time (by 11:00 pm) but trust me, this was hardest of all to get used to (all the good shows come on Sunday nights, but I digress!!!). However, once I (and my body's internal clock) got in line, it actually helps me move through my days (and weeks) a lot smoother. I don't feel as tired and I am more able to crises  All to start Monday looking and feeling my best, which helps me tackle Monday, #likeaboss.
  3. Maintain Balance. unless you work weekends, keep WORK out of your weekends. Don't answer those emails or calls - in fact if you aren't on call TURN THE WORK PHONE OFF!!!!!!! Not just for your own sanity (and to avoid resentment) but the sanity of your friends and loved ones. Its also a great way to keep your weekend to yourself. Remember the WORK-WEEK is for WORK. You'll feel refreshed and hold less animosity and resentment towards your work, because you would have had a real break, a separation from it for a few days. You'll come into work with fresh eyes, which is helps you solve problems and accomplish task more efficiently.
  4. Make Monday something to look forward to! Wear a new outfit, try a new hairstyle, get your weekly mani/pedi, or treat yourself to your favorite lunch. Changing the atmosphere and your perception of Mondays into something to look forward to instead of dread, shapes the rest of your week. Positive thinking breeds a Positive environment!

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