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I've been making it a point to make more meals at home and give GrubHub and UberEATS a break. And to make those awesome, creative meals, you've got to have the right tools. One of those is a good quality cutting board. IDK about you, but the counters in my rental are NOT Granite and really cant handle too many knife marks or curry stains.

So, I was stoked to try out Clasier's Bamboo cutting board, courtesy of #Tomoson. According to their website, Clasier is a Brooklyn, NY based company (YASSSS! My Hometown!!), with the mission "to bring to the household quality supplies making the day to day family chore exciting and fun!" Classier states that their #Clasiercuttingboardwutensils is:
So you know, I had to give it a try and test it out. What follows is my honest review, but first check out the Flipgram for a look at the set.

First off, I appreciate the size, I can cut all the veggies for my stir-fry without having to waste any other dishes. Its sturdy with some weight but not too heavy. It can stand up to some chopping. It has an edge around it that it deeper than other boards so it can catch whatever juices or seeds you will come across.

When I first opened it, it had an odd smell. So I gave it a quick wash with lemon and salt and let it dry completely. Once dry, I "seasoned" it (like you do a cast iron skillet), by rubbing on some olive oil with a cloth and letting set overnight. Once set give a quick wipe w/a clean damp cloth and we're good to go (REMINDER - do this at least once a month to maintain your cutting board). Trust me, its WORTH it)

It is very easy to clean - wash with soap and water (but don't submerge in the water) and let dry completely before next use. I've had it 2 weeks and it has yet to stain - and I made some curry and spilled a little bit of soy sauce (provided you don't let it sit!).

It does seem to be made from a different material than tradition wooden cutting boards and doesn't absorb or retain as much water either (which is desirable, to avoid mold and discoloration). Its actually quite quaint and can be used as a cheese plate or the like.

Now these utensils are BAE. I run through utensils regularly, whether they melt (cheap plastic ones brought in a hurry); are lost (I have children, man), or due to regular wear and tear, I am constantly replacing utensils. I like these though, they are sturdy, have yet to burn, or melt, or stain, and the variety is cool. I particularly like the flat spatula one the most - breaks up my meat, great for a stir fry and making scrambled eggs - plus it's easy to clean. Like the cutting board - don't let these guys sit submerged in water.

Overall, I like this set. While its not the cheapest, its definitely a well made product and recommend it for any foodie's kitchen.

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  1. You see their boards everywhere. Actually I first fell in love when watching a walnut cutting board on Food Network. https://www.amazon.com/Vremi-Piece-Bamboo-Cutting-Board/dp/B01HQ8PD9G