Friday, July 14, 2017

Know Your Worth

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This week I caught up with a few members of my tribe and over drinks and tacos we discussed how hard it is to truly know and appreciate your worth or value. Too many of us don't realize how much we actually bring to the table, whether in our personal or professional lives. We tend to ignore the gains, losses, and lessons that shape up and guide us. We allow other's perceptions of us define us; we revert into the "victim" when things don't go right; we take the blame for things outside our control. Making it happen in life requires resiliency, determination, drive, and self-awareness - all things that are internally motivated. Qualities that only you can nurture.

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Knowing your worth is more than being fairly and adequately paid for your work. Its being respected by all people in your life, its being appreciated & supported by your partner; respected & loved by your children; and trusted & adored by your friends. Its having faith and confidence in YOURSELF!

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Unfortunately, for me, it took obtaining a bachelor's degree, 4 years in an entry level Human Services position and a promotion to realize I have a lot to offer. I gained a new respect for my journey, my experiences, and my failures, the things that shaped me and brought me to the place of total respect of myself. That newfound respect translated into confidence and assertiveness. Qualities that have helped me move further, better accept and move on from obstacles, and work toward the goals I set forth for myself. Its FREEDOM!

How you see yourself, translates into how other people treat you. If you have negative thoughts, a lack of faith, or an overall ambivalence about yourself then others will treat you as less than deserving of respect, consideration or overall acknowledgment. The manner in which you carry yourself, shapes other's perspective of you. YOU own that narrative, it's your STORY!  Write it as you see fit and people will play along. Value yourself and others will follow suit.

Appreciating your experiences, your qualities and personality traits, passions and drives; the people in your life; everything that "make you, you" is the first step in realizing your worth. There is value in knowing, loving and appreciating WHO you are. That self love translates into everything aspect of your life - it guides how others perceive you, how they respond and respect to you; it guides your determination  and your drive. Its shapes you & your environment! So take a moment and determine your value, decide what you will and won't accept from others, from life. Make a decision to LOVE yourself and get ALL that you deserve.

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When did you determine "YOUR WORTH"? 

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