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Ever been in the need for a quick wipe of the face, felt the heat, sweat and grime building layer by layer from walking around the neighborhood? Well, Game Face Grooming, thinks they have the product for you! Their Cleansing Facial "Refresh & Rejuvenate" Wipes - wipe away dirt, grime, and sweat while also hydrating the skin. And..... 
All products are:
Paraben Free
98% Natural
100% Biodegradable (TENCEL)
Dermatologist Tested
Made In The USA!"
Everything on the package.....Made in the USA!!

#GameFaceGrooming offers a variety of grooming products, primarily geared towards men, but encourage women to give them a try. Which I definitely put to the test, In fact, a few of the family got involved as well (The Boo and my 14 year old son). I wanted to make sure I gave you a well rounded review!

First off, the wipes are huge, which is definitely a benefit when having to remove the amount of sweat, grime, and stickiness that happens during a summer in the city. I have the added need of having to remove make-up so the more surface area the better. I definitely appreciated it and felt that I could get a really clean face without having to use another (which saves money!!!). 

These guys are BIG!

As far as texture, they are soft, yet durable, They can take a decent scrub without feeling rough. My son liked that it was tough yet soft at the same time. I assumed that since they are geared towards men, they would be drying for my skin and wouldn't stand a chance against my eye shadow and matte lip. 

My Son giving them a go.

Surprisingly, they took off a good amount of my make up without drying my skin. It didn't work for the waterproof mascara and eye liner though! The boo was actually surprised that his face didn't feel as tight as it usually does, when he washes his face. So yes, #GameFaceWipes do HYDRATE as they claim to do.  

So soft and they Hydrate!

Both The Boo and I enjoyed the scent. It kinda reminds you of baby powder but slightly masculine with a whiff of sandalwood or a musk. While it lingers a bit, it isn't annoying in the least bit, really pleasant. 

These wipes are great for men and women; they're versatile (they take off make-up without drying and all with one wipe, people) and portable (great for the gym or to stick in your desk for a fresh-up). 

I recommend you check them out. Game Face Wipes come in 3 varieties and as Underarm/Body Wipes, so you'll be able to find the one that works for you. Check out their site Game Face Grooming and find them at GNC and Walmart.

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