Be Fearless!!!!

Image: Boruch Akbosh via Youtube

Life is all about facing your fears and moving forward.

Being brave is great and all but what do you really accomplish when you're still afraid of or fear something. Progressing on the journey that is life, requires overcoming obstacles, facing your fears, and jumping on to the next phase. 


So how do you become fearless? For one, it's not about being unafraid, its about being strong, confident, and resilient enough to face those fears head on. Its about getting to the root of the fear, understanding where it comes from, and how to dismiss the power it has over you. Here are a few tips on becoming your awesome, confident, fearless self:

  1. Be Confident! Things are easy to accomplish when you believe in yourself. Not as confident as you'd like to be? Work on building your confidence, everyday. Learn a new skill and become familiar; invest in a hobby that you are great at; do an honest self assessment and work on the personal skills and qualities you feel you can improve on.
  2. Learn to let go of other's perception, opinions, and expectations of you. You are in charge of your journey, you decided who YOU are. You are NOT who others expect you to be or perceive you to be. It's hard to focus on overcoming your fear when your worried about disappointing someone for doing what you think is right. DON'T do it! Your confidence really takes a hit when you're trying to please others. 
  3. Find a mentor (I've dedicated a whole post to Mentors, they're THAT important!), someone who has overcome similar obstacles, who can offer insight, understanding, and support. Knowing that someone has overcome a similar situation, brings about a sense of relief and helps you be open to the process. Definitely, helps with your confidence. 
  4. Do an honest self-assessment/exploration - why do you have this fear? Whats guiding this fear? Is it a real or a perceived fear? Has it happened in the past? Once you know what's really the basis of your fear, you can face it head on. Which leads to....
  5. Don't be afraid of failing; the prize is in the journey. Each failure, each loss, is a lesson learned, and builds confidence, Don't be afraid of the process, Don't be afraid of being uncomfortable, it builds resiliency, it builds the ability to push on, to keep trying. 

Whether your fear is of spiders and snakes; of going back to school after a 20 year hiatus; of changing careers while at the peak of your current one; or ending a long term relationship that has been on the outs for a while, fear causes us a lot of pain and anxiety. It can stagnate us and prevent us from moving in the constant ebb and flow that is life. But fear can also be positive, it can force us forward, it can align us along a path we never saw possible but wouldn't change for the world. It's what & how YOU make it!

Face those Fears, Fam!!!


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