Why "The Ratchet Professional"?

Although, "SOPHISTIRATCHET", describes us well, it totally ignores that fact that we're BOSSES & experts in our respective fields; it didn't encompass the fact that we've learned to balance the shade with the compromise, the bluntness with the collaboration; or the way we've mastered the ability to "code-switch" ⇐ That's seriously a thing people!!!

As, one of the Admins - LM, so eloquently stated:

"As professionals... It is essential to maintain the balance between responsibility and accountability. Being able to be versatile enough to be understood in any demographic is golden... These are only a few of the principles of being a Ratchet Professional...."

I like to consider us those individuals who remained true to themselves through their journey; who while moving up the career ladder (and glowing in life) were able to take their street knowledge, combine it with their formal knowledge, sprinkle it with their individual experience and create that rare individual with the ability to adapt to any situation without losing the essence of who they are! In fact that essence is what people gravitate to, that essence is the key to your success!

One of the reasons we started this was to have a space to inspire, exchange information and career tips,support the growth and the glow-up, and discuss the world around us, honestly and completely. We've become the people others ask for advice, the people sought out for their opinions, respected for being 100% and speaking what others are thinking. 

So Fam, we're owning all of our Ratchet Professional lusciousness and hope you'll take this ride with us from being just a blog to being a Lifestyle and a Brand! 

Got something to add? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just need an ear, drop us a line!

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