#WednesdayWisdom - Get you a Mentor!!

Yesterday, I mentioned that my Mentor reminded me of how far I've come (here ⇐if you missed it!).

When you're coming up in the game, its important to have someone in your corner, without ulterior motives, who truly has your best interests at heart. A person who has traveled a path similar to yours or who can honestly relate to you situation and show empathy and understanding can provide a level of insight, not found elsewhere. The best advice often comes from those who lived and experienced situations and circumstances similar to yours.

The benefits of having a mentor are priceless:

(Source: MOJO Day Trading)

How do you get you a mentor?
  1. Take a moment to envision where you plan to be in 5 or 10 years and those steps you would need to take to accomplish your end goal. What skills do you need to hone? Is an advanced degree necessary? Do you anticipate a career change, or a shift in your chosen field? 
  2. Identify those people that posses the qualities you admire; who are successful in your field; or who is in a position you see yourself, one day holding. 
  3. Make a list of those individuals and why you would like them to mentor you. 
  4. Reach out to them, explaining why you would like them to mentor you (that list came right in handy!!) and giving them the option of setting up a meeting. 
  5. Maintain a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with your mentor by always being respectful of your mentors time and do not forget to set your own boundaries as well.  
Do you have a mentor that's helped you to realize your goals?  Have you ever mentored someone, and have great tips to offer? Drop a line below.

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