#TransformationTuesday - Appreciate the Glow-Up!

Transformation - "the act of transforming or the state of being transformed, changed, or altered"

Have you ever gone through those FaceBook memories? You know those memories from 3, 5, even 8 years ago, and realized the level of growth & the amount of glow-up you've accomplished!

This might surprise ya'll,😉 but I haven't always been a Ratchet Professional. I've always been more ratchet than anything and it wasn't until about 4 years ago, when I enrolled into the Master of Social Work program, did I learn how to balance the "ratchetness" with the professionalism, ambition, and desire for change, I gained while working through the degree program. Quite literally and figuratively - I worked and attended school both FULL TIME, all while balancing familial responsibilities and the glow-up! 

Through that adventure, I changed. I grew more patient, less arrogant; I started to think critically, focusing on the bigger picture instead of thinking only about the present and the situation at hand. My goals and priorities changed for the better. Surprisingly, it was until my mentor (get you one by the way, they are insightful!) recently reminded me how far I've come, both personally and professionally.

Remember to commend yourself not only on achieving the goal BUT also the journey. That journey helped shape you into the person you are (and are becoming). Each new stage and adventure in life ends in growth, an understanding, a new perspective, basically a transformation. Embrace it, Transformation is good!!!

Have you looked back on your journey? Do you know that moment of Transformation?

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