#ThursdayThoughts - How do you define Success?

According to our friends over at Merriam-Webster, Success is "the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame"Apparently, your level of success is contingent on how many people love you, love to hate you, and will pay to see or be near you!

The great Maya Angelou, was a little closer to the true definition of success. Basically, leaving the definition of success on the individual:

The definition of SUCCESS is relative to all of us and manifests differently in each of us based on our perceptions, desires, and upbringing. Success is a very personal thang! What I consider success is radically different from the dude on the #3 train heading to work during the rush hour commute. 

For me, success is doing what I am passionate about, achieving my personal goals, leaving a LEGACY and navigating all that life throws my way, all while maintaining my banging but divisive personality, and somewhat-decent morals. 

I live by this motto:

Some people define success based on fear or lack of failure:

Others on the journey:

And others on how the individual manifests success internally:

With all the varying definitions of success, at the end of the day SUCCESS is what YOU define it to be. 

SUCCESS is what brings you happiness and satisfaction, what makes you grow & glow, its what compels you to wake up each day and make it your greatest. 

So, how do YOU define Success?

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