#SampleSundays - vitafusion™ Simply Good Vitamin Gummies (Product Review)

Being The Ratchet Professional 😏 that I am, balancing family, friends, work/career, and side hustles, requires quite a bit of energy and tenacity. Something no amount of Venti Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiatos can provide. 

Recently, after the suggestion that I consider vitamins and  other supplements from my Doctor, I  began exploring other ways to increase my energy and improve my overall  health, meaning for me being healthy from the inside (taking a holistic  approach to encompass the mental & physical).  

I'm doing it  all - changing the diet (more fruits & veggies, less meat, more fish!), the routine (beginning Yoga & actually grabbing that Groupon  deal for the kickboxing classes!), and the attitude (keep growing &  glowing while maintaining good vibes). 

  The Smiley360 Box Arrives!!!!!

I'm not a fan of chalky pills to swallow (my gag reflex leaves a lot to be  desired) and large tonsil sized capsules are the furthest thing from  appealing, I was happy to know I could get a great multi-vitamin in  GUMMY form! #Winning. When I was given the chance to try out and review,  ⇒vitafusion™ Simply Good Vitamin Gummies™ ⇚, from Smiley360 (info here....) I was stoked!

"This post is sponsored by vitafusion™ & Smiley360, however the words expressed in this review are 100% my own".

vitaFusion™ helps you be #YourBestSelf

vitafusion™  sent over 2 full-sized Simply Good Vitamin Gummies, 1 Multivitamin -  Blackberry & 1 Bone & Muscle - Peach. The Bottles are huge, large  enough to hold about a 3 months supply, based on the suggested serving  size of 2 gummies, and are child proof - so little one aren't able to get  in, assuming the gummier were candy. 

  One of Each

The  gummies are made with natural flavors and REAL honey & fruit juice;  and contain "no artificial flavors; no high fructose corn syrup; and no  gluten". While both flavors tasted genuine, without the weird  aftertaste artificial sweeteners leave, the blackberry had a more  appealing smooth taste, it wasn't as overly sweet as the peach. If you're like me and very sensitive to the taste of no calorie or artificial  sweeteners or just prefer real sugar, these gummies are a great option. 

 🎶 MADE IN THE USAAAAAAA 🎶 The Multivitamin

In  just 2 gummies, you get a days worth of essential nutrients and vitamins with the Multivitamin - especially those B Vitamins, which  helps with maintaining those energy levels, we need to continue to win.  For those not into dairy or the Sun (main sources of Calcium & Vitamin D), the Bone & Muscle gives you a yummy option without  having to risk bloating and sunburn!

Try them & put #yourbestself forward. Visit vitaFusion™  for more information & to save $2 on your purchase.  S/O 2 Smiley360 for the #freesample.

Have your tried them? Plan to? Drop a comment below!

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