#MotivationMonday #MelanatedMay

Happy MAY! 

The Ratchet Professional is officially 1 MONTH OLD!!!! Thank you for hanging in there, with us. 

In  celebration of our 1 month anniversary, and that fact that it's May....I'm just gonna call this whole month #MelanatedMay. I'm dedicating the ENTIRE month of May to the beauty of Melanin, the beauty of my skinfolk!
Today's #MotivationMonday reminds you that you are Special, You are Unique, You are YOU!
Step 1: USE your GOD given Confidence..... your GODFIDENCE...daily

Step 2: Knock out Fear & Self-Doubt!

Step 3: Be so inspired that you are SOMEONE'S inspiration! #payitforward

Step 4: Embrace your Differences....... NO ONE does YOU, better than YOU!

 Step 5: Be IRREPLACEABLE!!!!!!

Are we missing any steps? Whats Driving you this week? Let us know!

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