What will be your legacy?

Originally posted in 2017

Have you ever sat back and wondered about your impact on the world? What will your legacy be?


Why the name "Legacy Bound"? I actively, consciously, and purposely walk in a path that will leave a legacy, not just for my children and their children, but for my skinfolk. What I cultivate, build, and nurture now will impact my surroundings, long after I am GONE! I am bound to be a LEGACY! I have the resilience, the knowledge, the strength of Black KINGS & QUEENS running through my veins. I owe it to our ancestors (and descendants)!


Find your passion! Leave that lasting impression for generations to come! LIVE, LAUGH, AND LEAVE A LEGACY!


So... What would be YOUR Legacy? How will WE remember YOU?

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  1. MY legacy is my daughter, who is the first of my clan, to achieve a Master's Degree, in her chosen profession!!!.. An added benefit, is that she has decided to dedicate herself to the awakening of the masses, on how to traverse and succeed in the land of the barbarians... Not a bad legacy, at all!!!!...