#ThursdayThoughts - Self-Care

Wise words from an even wiser woman!

A mentor recently reminded me that you can't work harder than the client. Although my "client" has changed the premise remains the same. 

"You can't want something for someone, more than they want it for themselves."

Remember to practice self-care, fam!  Remember to take care of you first. It's something that many professionals forget.

Take time to relax, relate, renew, and regenerate. It's okay to say no. It's okay to think of you first.
You know the airline message about putting the oxygen mask on you first before you help others...... that adage works in almost any situation.

NO, it's not selfish... you do your best when you feel your best.

How will you practice Self - Care?   How do you Relax, renew, re-energize? 

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